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Seller your Home for Top $$$Dollar$$$

April and May are two of the Best months to list your home in Northern Colorado.  Why?  Because the March homes have created HIGHER sold values, which are used as comps for listing your home for more money!  Also, people have their income taxes back and are eager to start the home search after being cooped up all winter in their current house.

A few of my favorite tips to sell your home for the most money possible are:  ·Pricing your home right, ·Having your home pre-inspected, ·Taking guidance for home staging, ·Entering the market just before the weekend, ·Agreeing to an open house, ·Selling “contingent” upon finding your replacement home, · Asking the buyer to guarantee over list price for appraisal. 

If you’d like to receive a helpful resource called “5 Things to Do Before You Sell Your Home,” email me at [email protected]  It details some steps you can take to make the process faster, easier and less stressful.  Interest rates are still low, home prices are high, 2017 is a great year to sell homes in Northern Colorado, which includes:  Greeley,  Loveland, Windsor, Fort Collins and the surrounding No Co areas.


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I will Protect, Educate & Negotiate for you.
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Greeley New Homes

Relocating to Northern Colorado? Perhaps just moving within the state? Come see the fastest growing town with the lowest homes prices – Greeley, Co.

Located just 20 minutes from Windsor, 30 minutes of Loveland and about 40 minutes from Fort Collins, Greeley has it all. Great shopping, entertainment and all the amenities

I live here, having moved from Windsor when priced out of that ever increasing market. Greeley has been home to me for over three years now and I find it less congested, friendly and easy to live here.

People moving here should take a tour of this area before settling in one of the other cities and consider new homes, which range from $260,000 and up. Some newer subdivisions are Vintage Homes, Hawkstone, Boomerang Ranch and Hunters Cove. Along with single family homes, those considering a move here should also look at the great selection of townhomes and duplexes.

Relocation should be stress free, and that is where I come in! I help people negotiate the decision of where to live by driving them around in the NoCo towns they want to see, and showing them available properties. By the time buyers are introduced to their choices, I find they have an easy time choosing the best location for them. Again, relocation should be filled with choices but not unmanageable challenges.

Having lived in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and now Greeley, I offer you my services via phone or email to allow me to give you information. Ask for my business brochure of 10+ years of experience, with an average between 20-30 transactions per year.


Cathy Harris – 970-691-0368
[email protected]
I will Protect, Educate & Negotiate for you.
Certified Negotiation Expert,
Military Broker Specialist, GRI, e-PRO, & Christian broker

Northern Colorado Relo in 2017

People relocating to Northern Colorado in 2017 will experience an abundance of housing options.  Luxury homes, acreage, single family homes near CSU, townhomes with garages and condos.  Building is strong here, as is the renovation of older homes.

The Luxury market has experienced 39 sales since the first day of January, from $500,000 to $1.5MM.  The percentage of list price sold for these homes was 99%, with an average days on market (over the winter) of 116 days.

Currently there are 109 more homes from $500,000 to $4MM to choose from.  Homes in this price range are much less per square foot than homes in the lower price ranges.  It is very possiblemarketing-picture to get “SUCH A DEAL” on a home with great bones that needs a bit of updating too.  There are wonderful possibilities in this range of homes, for the person relocating from other places.

Here are just a few neighborhoods to target for a look:  Soaring Eagle, Fossil Lake Estates, Cobb Lake, Paragon Point, Coeur d’ Alene, Highland Meadows and Harmony Club.  I recently helped an incoming family build a home in Harmony Club.  Their amenities are very nice and the location is great; just outside of the city where there is better access to the highway, far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Fort Collins.  They love it and the wonderful golf course.  For more information on builders and pre-owned homes there, call me at 970-691-0368 for a tour.  You can also visit:  http://harmonyclub.info/.

Lastly, there are many communities a 10 minute drive from Fort Collins that allow the estate buyer a vast amount of choices for resort lifestyle living.  Water Valley in Windsor is one such community that does not disappoint.  Situated in between Fort Collins and Loveland on the east side of I-25, the area offers beautiful views of the mountains and lake resort living.

Having lived in both Fort Collins and Windsor, I’m uniquely qualified to help those that are relocating experience and understand the area.  My passion is helping families choose the right location to live.  You are welcome to email me for my 2 page brochure on my business acumen and home buying process.  I moved here in 2001 and understand what a huge undertaking it is.

Cathy Harris – 970-691-0368
I will Protect, Educate & Negotiate for you.
Military Broker Specialist, GRI, e-PRO, &  Christian broker

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Today is the first day of spring. You know what that means – Spring Cleaning!

As we bid adieu to winter and usher into spring, it’s the perfect time to purge, clean and organize. As a realtor, I think about spring as my “busy time of year”. But as a mom, spring brings to mind the task of spring cleaning that seems like the Mt. Everest of housekeeping tasks. This year, I decided to tackle it one step at a time and try something different.

Make a Cleaning List

Lists help me stay organized – they also help me see what I’ve accomplished after I can joyfully check off each one and see my overall progress. This also helps you see exactly what you’ll need for supplies. There’s nothing worse than having to stop everything right as you’re getting in the groove to run and grab Magic Erasers for the crayon on the wall!

Make Your Playlist…

Or turn on your favorite radio station! When you can sing along to your favorite oldies station or dance around with your kids to New Hits, it makes time go by fast and puts everyone in a better mood.

Take it One Step at a Time

When you’re determined that you will get every last dust particle wiped and the entire house cleaned within 30 minutes, you’ll overwhelm yourself and anyone involved. You may even have the dog running for the woods. Take it one step at a time and set realistic goals. Try setting the goal of cleaning a certain number of rooms per weekend. You’ll be less stressed with the whole idea and you’ll have leftover time to spend with the family or take a hike.

Get Some Help

Open the windows, enjoy the fresh breeze and DELEGATE! Split your list into sections or particular jobs for the whole family to split. In our family, my husband usually tackles the outside while I am busy inside and the kids are running between us. Even the youngest of helpers can make a difference! My two year old helps mommy sweep the floors and pick up her toys. Then she bounces outside to help daddy bag any yard debris and rake the grass.

Be Patient

A rule I’ve always lived by is work smarter – not harder. If you’re having a hard time getting grime or stains up, spray your cleaner and let it sit. Move onto something else while your cleaner does all the hard work.

Reward Yourself When You’re Done!

After hours of scrubbing and dusting, you deserve a little something special. After all, having something to look forward to after a long day’s work makes it that much better when you’re done! So grab the fam or roommates and head off to one of our 20+ breweries and enjoy a cold one to celebrate that fresh start feeling. If that’s not your style, relax in your freshly cleaned house and take it all in. You deserve it.

Windermere Certified Listing Program

Take a look at our Certified Listing Program with Windermere Real Estate. A first-of-its-kind package, every Windermere Certified Listing goes through a consistent process, benefiting the buyer, the seller and reducing the friction that commonly occurs in the real estate transaction. Certified properties are: pre-inspected, professionally cleaned, professionally photographed and thoroughly measured. In addition, a full-color brochure is produced and all of the important Home Owner’s Association documents are assembled for potential buyers to review.

Take a look at what the Certified Listing Program includes:

Download PDF file

Moving to Windermere Real Estate

Moving to Windermere Real Estate

I’ve moved to Windermere Real Estate in Fort Collins. Also, I moved my household to Owl Creek off 20th in Greeley. Moving (as you know) is hard stuff.

What my “Windermere” move means to you, is that I have a comprehensive Listing program to help sell your friends and families homes. (Also yours if you are in the market!)

Treat others as you’d like to be treated.

Each of us has a story about ill treatment at a car dealership or working with a realtor who was “in it for the money.” We’ve all went to a doctor who didn’t listen or had a teacher who we couldn’t learn from.

There are people in every industry that give that industry a bad name or at the very least, should be doing something else for a living.

Having worked in a corporate environment for most of my adult life, my training has given me high standards of workmanship and customer service. In the 1990’s “downsizing” corporate world, you were either productive and the best or you were out. My career with a fortune 500 company lasted for 15 years, until they moved across county. That allowed me to reconsider my options.

My skill sets were Administrative, so taking care of clients contractual responsibilities in a timely fashion was 2nd nature. Also, working with relocating executives was an easy transition, because I worked with top management in my previous career. Lastly, my negotiaton skills were honed by the environment as well. So what I had to learn was the real estate industry, which after 9 years of working as an agent in Colorado, doing 25-30 transactions a year, has given be a broad range of market experience.

Most realtors transact 5 home sales a year, with 78% of all realtors deriving their main income from something other than real estate. There are a lot of us out there, but few with the real experience that most buyers and sellers need to accomplish their home sale or home buyer goals.

Ensure that you are getting quality, competent and reliable support. Ask if they answer their phone after 5:00 p.m., would they help you on the weekend, and what their annual sales of the previous year was. Get experience and choose an agent who isn’t using you as “Practice.”

As a christian realtor, my job is to treat everyone with dignity and respect. My motto is, “you are in charge, with me as your coach.” This may not mean anything to a seller or buyer, until their agent tries to get them to purchase the first house a buyer looks at or they expect the seller to list their home at too low a price. My business model works on allowing the Seller or the Buyer to make their own decisions, while using my research abilities to provide them the critical data.

Lastly, my personal relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit allows me to have an inner peace which translates to my business. This inner peace and faith allows me to care for people and not the paycheck. It allows me to treat others as I’d like to be treated. Buying and Selling a home is the largest purchase a family will make; providing them with a frictionless experience is my goal.

Northern Colorado New Home Facts

New home sales are booming in Northern Colorado. 72 percent of new home sales are below $400,000, which means 28 percent of new homes are in the higher-end market.

There are 40 active new home neighborhoods in Larimer County today, with the top selling neighborhoods being Thompson River Ranch, McClelland’s Creek and Bucking Horse.

There are distinct and very meaningful advantages to Buyer’s having their own agent representation when buying new homes. This means you seek out an agent with proven, new build knowledge.
Here are the advantages:

  1. A Buyer’s Agent is paid by the new Home builder company at closing, so there is not out of pocket fee to obtain representation.
  2. Your own Buyer’s agent has helped buyer’s build homes many times before, so they are experienced in helping you do pre-budget plan and ask pre-build important questions.
  3. Your agent has a large group of contacts and the builder is more likely to work with you on item changes, as they want to have benefit of a good representation.

How do I know these things? I’ve helped many people build new homes. Currently, I have two in Thompson River Range and one in the luxury subdivision of Harmony in Timnath. One buyer couple found out that their lot wasn’t large enough and wanted to change to a different one. The builder agreed but wanted to impose a $10,000 upcharge for the privilege. It took me a couple of days to climb the “corporate” homebuilder ladder and get the change approved for no charge. The second home buyer had issues with where the island placement was and missing lighting. The third family are building a semi-custom home and wanted my expertise in going to the finishes meetings to ensure that they were getting the high-end materials one would expect in a country club home.

Previously, I worked for a few months to get a furnace replacement, when it was found the installed furnace was too small for the home’s square footage, and another time, I found that the builder’s in-house lender had charged double the amount of closing costs. These are just a few of the items that should not happen, if a buyer gets their own realtor representation.

It would seem that perhaps it would be easy to go in and purchase your home, using the non-licensed builder’s representatives, and it definitely will be for the builder. However, for the buyer, there are only advantages to having qualified, experienced Realtor help.

Couple Relocating to Northern Colorado

We moved from the east coast and had no idea where we would buy in northern Colorado. Cathy drove us all over the area, show us homes in various locations and gave us information so that we made a great choice. We love it here in Loveland and are grateful for her help and guidance. She’s patient and organized, along with being a nice person.” – Tina and Bill K.

Now we have our dream home!

Randy and I had been looking with Cathy for a home for some time, and she took a listing that morning that she believed was what we were looking for. She was right! She coordinated the closings with the seller fairly and now we have our dream home.” – Elese and Randy B.
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