Relocating to a new area and buying a house is always stressful. The Real Estate Coaches at the Cathy Harris Home Team are relocation specialists who take pride in making the process as stress free as possible. Using their experience and knowledge of the properties available in the Northern Colorado area, the Cathy Harris Home Team works to help you during the relocation process, by assisting you to make the best buying decisions you can.

Starting with a tour of the area we will look at the different towns and neighborhoods that might be of interest to you. We will discuss the real estate appraisal and home buying process. We do this first so we can both be sure no detail gets missed.

We will give you comps so you know how other homes in the area compare with others that have recently been sold and you can make the best buying decisions you can. We work with buyers as many as six months before they plan to move, that way the new buyer can start looking at homes before they are to arrive.

If getting here to see the homes in person is not feasible, just contact us with your wish list and the relocation specialists at the Cathy Harris Home Team will start looking for the right home for you. If you are a corporate HR manager or responsible for recruiting new employees let us know because we can work with you and your new recruits.

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