Each of us has a story about ill treatment at a car dealership or working with a realtor who was “in it for the money.” We’ve all went to a doctor who didn’t listen or had a teacher who we couldn’t learn from.

There are people in every industry that give that industry a bad name or at the very least, should be doing something else for a living.

Having worked in a corporate environment for most of my adult life, my training has given me high standards of workmanship and customer service. In the 1990’s “downsizing” corporate world, you were either productive and the best or you were out. My career with a fortune 500 company lasted for 15 years, until they moved across county. That allowed me to reconsider my options.

My skill sets were Administrative, so taking care of clients contractual responsibilities in a timely fashion was 2nd nature. Also, working with relocating executives was an easy transition, because I worked with top management in my previous career. Lastly, my negotiaton skills were honed by the environment as well. So what I had to learn was the real estate industry, which after 9 years of working as an agent in Colorado, doing 25-30 transactions a year, has given be a broad range of market experience.

Most realtors transact 5 home sales a year, with 78% of all realtors deriving their main income from something other than real estate. There are a lot of us out there, but few with the real experience that most buyers and sellers need to accomplish their home sale or home buyer goals.

Ensure that you are getting quality, competent and reliable support. Ask if they answer their phone after 5:00 p.m., would they help you on the weekend, and what their annual sales of the previous year was. Get experience and choose an agent who isn’t using you as “Practice.”

As a christian realtor, my job is to treat everyone with dignity and respect. My motto is, “you are in charge, with me as your coach.” This may not mean anything to a seller or buyer, until their agent tries to get them to purchase the first house a buyer looks at or they expect the seller to list their home at too low a price. My business model works on allowing the Seller or the Buyer to make their own decisions, while using my research abilities to provide them the critical data.

Lastly, my personal relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit allows me to have an inner peace which translates to my business. This inner peace and faith allows me to care for people and not the paycheck. It allows me to treat others as I’d like to be treated. Buying and Selling a home is the largest purchase a family will make; providing them with a frictionless experience is my goal.